Basic Renters Insurance Quote Request
Personal Information
First and Last Name
Location of contents
Middle Name
list unit number
Date of Bith
City, State, Zip code
Contact Information
Phone number or E-mail address
Full Mailing address
If different from covered location
Type of residence
Personal Property
(Select a Limit)
Personal Liability
(Select coverage amount)
$250 per covered loss for all coverage amounts in all states.
Personal Property
• Renters protection covers household possessions against: Fire, Smoke,
Vandalism, Windstorm, Lightning and Forced-Entry Theft.
• Water damage coverage limited to residence premises.
Coverage Type
• Replacement cost coverage included for all policies.
• Pays the cost to repair or replace most covered items.
Special Limits of Liability
• Coverage is limited to $500 for each of the following categories:
Jewelry and furs, silverware, guns and photographic equipment.
• Coverage is limited to $2,000 for each of the following categories:
Computer equipment and electronic equipment designed to reproduce audio
or video transmissions
Also Included
• Guest medical payments - $500 per person/$10,000 per accident.
• Additional emergency living expenses coverage - Up to 20% of
personal property coverage amount.
• Annual and monthly billing options.
Animal liability is limited to $25,000.
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