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$250 per covered loss for all coverage amounts in all states.
Personal Property
• Renters protection covers household possessions against: Fire, Smoke, Vandalism, Windstorm,
Lightning and Forced-Entry Theft.
• Water damage coverage limited to residence premises.
Coverage Type
• Replacement cost coverage included for all policies.
• Pays the cost to repair or replace most covered items.
Special Limits of Liability
• Coverage is limited to $500 for each of the following categories: Jewelry and furs, silverware, guns and
photographic equipment.
• Coverage is limited to $2,000 for each of the following categories: Computer equipment and electronic
equipment designed to reproduce audio or video transmissions
Also Included
• Guest medical payments - $500 per person/$10,000 per accident.
• Additional emergency living expenses coverage - Up to 20% of personal property coverage amount.
• Annual and monthly billing options.
Animal liability is limited to $25,000.
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